B a n d i p u r



Bandipur (Devanagiri बन्दीपुर) is a hilltop settlement in Tanahu District, (Gandaki Zone) of Nepal. Bandipur is approximately 700m above the Marsyangdi River Valley, 143 km to the west of Kathmandu and 80 km to the east of Pokhara.

Bandipur was established as a funnelling point of trade by Newar traders fromBhaktapur in the Kathmandu valley after it had been conquered in 1768 by Prithvi Narayan Shah. They took advantage of its malaria free location to develop it into an important stop along the IndiaTibet trade route. With them they brought their cultural heritage and architecture which basically has remained unchanged to this day.

Formerly a Magar village, Bandipur today is settled by a variety of Nepali ethnicities with different beliefs: the Bahuns, the Chhetris, the Newars, the Damais, KamisSarkis, Kasais, the Magars and Gurungs.

(source: Bandipur)

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