t a t t o o – สักยันต์

t a t t o o - สักยันต์In Thailand, tattooing with bamboo began in the Buddhist temples where monks would receive religious texts tattooed by ‘grand master monks for protection.  Throughout Thai history, soldiers would visit temples to be tattooed by monks and receive spells for protection, strength and invisibility. Thailand has many legends with one being that Thailand has never been occupied as the Thai soldiers are warrior ghosts who cannot be seen or killed by the enemy due to their protective tattoos.

It has been a long tradition in Thailand for soldiers to partake of these protective tattoos. It is believed that the power is so great that it is charmed and that the correct tattoo applied by the best tattoo master can ward off bullets.


(source: History & Symbolism of the Traditional Thai Tattoo)

©2013 TH

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