mojito noche

mojito nochede vez en cuando…aceptando lo bueno y lo malo con ecuanimidad y mojito.. muchas

©2012 TH

how to make mean mojito



Fresh spearmint leaves

Limes, cut into 6-8 slices each

Club soda

Brown sugar

White sugar

Rum (dry white rum such as Bacardi)

Crushed ice


1. Place two springs of spearmint and two slices of lime in each tall “highball” glass. Add one teaspoon of white sugar and one teaspoon of brown sugar.

2. Muddle it together with a muddler, pestle or other flat and long object. Crush everything together about ten times until everything is nice and mashed but not completely destroyed. The goal is to release the flavor of the fruit and leaves but not all the pungent oils.

3. Add ice and then 2 ounces of white rum per glass; stir until the sugar is almost all dissolved.

4. Fill to the top with club soda and stir lightly once again.

5. Garnish with a straw, sprig of mint and lime wheel! Now sit in the sun and relax.

(source: How to Make a Mean Mojito)

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