My italian riviera trip could not be complete without visiting Cinque Terre. And that must have been the same reason for those thousands tourists on that very same day. Unfortunately, a walk way from Manarola to Corniglia was closed because of the landslide, we could only visit Riomaggiore and Manarola where we had another delizioso spagetthi con le vongole (one can never have too many spagetthi vongole!) and a bit of a dip in a cool mediterranean sea before taking a train back to Sestri Levante

©2012 TH

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2 thoughts on “Riomaggiore

  1. Agree – one can never have too much spagetthi con vongole – actually just bring on the vongole, forget about the pasta! ;) Any pictures from Manarola – I stayed there when I visited, my favourite of the five towns.

  2. with you there. l o v e vongole.
    will be pix and a short journal about italian riviera, hopefully, …soon

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