K o b e n h a v n

My wee-weekend Scandinavian trip was beautifully sunny but absolutely windy and super freezing! A weekend trip is obviously not nearly enough to see amazing Copenhagen.

notes to self:

1. Canal tour from Nyhavn was an awesome way to see Copenhagen. Must-do. 

view from a canal tour

2. Do not go to Jaegersborggade on Monday next time in Copenhagen if you want to bring a piece or two of something interestingly unique designed souvenir home. 

2.1 First stop on Jaegersborggade, at no. 51 CMYK KLD for absolutely cool prints.

3. On the same Jaegersborggade, do stop again for another cup of the best cappuccino in Copenhagen at the Coffee Collective.

The Coffee Collective

4. Danish pastries were mouthwatering…only if I could have them all…

5. After Jaegersborggadethe, cross the street and spend an afternoon wandering around the Assistens Kirkegard (cemetary).

Assistens Kirkegard

 6. This is very important, do spend less time enjoying Danish pastries and more taking photo. 

©2012 TH

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3 thoughts on “K o b e n h a v n

    • Thanks Seth! full credit to beautiful Kobenhavn. Too bad it was way too freezing for me to walk around for more pix (2 degree on the papers but felt more like -2!!)

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