California in a shoe-box

I went to the West Coast of the States in 2001 and to the East Coast in 2002 with my film camera.

In the West Coast, my first stop was San Francisco then off on the road using M1 highway to Los Angeles, San Diego where I fell in love with La Jolla (an exquisite combination of a southern European resort atmosphere and Southern California fun), and to Las Vegas on the way back up to San Francisco. Sure enough, how could I miss a Wine Tasting in Sanoma?

Sadly I only have photographs from the first trip but not the second because somehow it was too cold in New York and my camera decided to stop working – just like that.

And so California ended up in my shoe-box.

famous Lombard street

Wine Room’s cellar

Wine Room

surfers at La Jolla beach

a music man in Hollywood

The Flamingo


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One thought on “California in a shoe-box

  1. Love the grain on these photos – very dreamy, almost painterly! Nothing beats film photography… aaah the good old days!

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