very inspiring blogger award

BIG THANKS to amazing Peggy Tee of Taking to the Open Road, who nominated (nEXt?) onehundredeight1009 for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!  

a w e  s o m e

I bet a lot of you already are her fans. Peggy Tee has an amazing way of sharing her views on things evolving around life and what she saw along her journey. When you read her blog, you think to yourself – wait a minute – that happened to me too! And that is a beauty – you can easily relate to her writing. To me, a lot of people can write but not everyone can write like Peggy.

When I got a message from Peggy about a nomination, I had absolutely no clue about the award. Then I started tracing back through the provided backlink to each of the nominating bloggers and read their posts about the award to get my head around it. After five and a half posts, I realised that I have just been introduced to several awesome blogs that perhaps I would never come across. Very clever dude, and man you come with a set of super simple rules:

  • a backlink to the blogger who nominated you – (Taking to the Open Road)
  • post the award to your page
  • 7 facts about yourself
  • nominate a list of bloggers that inspire you

(rules one and two – checked) now for no. 3…

It was exactly the 10th day from my very first blog post. I started blogging because I was in a process of putting my head together. In doing so I knew that I need to spend less time with those stuff I was so sick of and more with something I love – photography. (no. 1)

[after almost 60 posts later, my head still is not quite together-together yet. It tends to be thinking about holidays a little too often these days. (no.1.1)]

I looked through my photos back in 2004 and was trying to remember those trips – bloody hell I started forgetting those days. I’d better do something about the ones I still remember – hence first journal on (no ordinary) Bangkok. (no.2)

I watched 15 episodes of Deadwood Season 1 back-to-back in one day. (no.3)

I have been moving around and lived in several countries in Southeast Asia and Europe because of my job and education which allows me to travel to a lot of places and for that I am grateful. I am luckier than a lot of people and for that I decided that I should never take it for granted. The least I can do is to share my experience through my photos. (no.4)

I was a computer graphic designer for exactly one year right after I graduated my LL.B. before walking my long legal way to becoming a boring consultant. What happened? life happened. (no.5)

fact no.6

Among many others, when I came across something like this, to me – amazing art – it is something that I can spend a few hours looking, trying to figure out who hung these items? which one was first? what did a person have in mind? what if something else replaces any of the items? will it look as great? …oh so hundred questions. (no.6)


I had the best cat on earth for 13 years, her name was Platoo. (no.7)

I must say that all blogs I visited gave me different kind of inspirations, some left me with questions (questions are good). Honestly, I have no rules about what inspires me.

To me – I see things and the magic happens. Those magical moments happened when I visit:

my nyc photography

Cristian Mihai

Jessica Korteman



and for that I would like to nominate them for inspiring me.


Happy exploring – until nEXt.



4 thoughts on “very inspiring blogger award

  1. Awesome blog! Good luck T!! I will often check your oeuvres d’art and support you! Lotsa kisses

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