it’s all greek to me

Finally I made it to Greece.

This time I didn’t bring le Nik and his gangs with me because I knew that I was going to spend most of the time for sunbathing, reading, Ouzo-ing and eating!

So I relied entirely on my old pal i-pod for my Greek photos.

We started off from Santorini where you should try to go on a cruise for Oia’s famous sunset and that exactly what we did.  If you decide to go for it then number two is not to miss very charming greek donkeys (despite the smell) on the way down to the old port in Fira. You can even ride a donkey down to and up from the port (if you promise not to scream all the way down to or up from the port like what we witnessed – well, let’s not talk about it).

Imerovigli sunset in Santorini

a donkey man at Fira old port

From Santorini, you can easily take ferry boats to Mykonos which is part of the Cyclades, lying between Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos.

Mykonos has many sandy beaches and super crystal-clear waters. We rented one of those 3-wheeler (the one that you have to lean forward as further as you can when riding up the steepy-hill road) to go around surveying beaches along the southern coast of the island.

We hung out at the Paradise beach on the first day and stayed until the beach party began. It was fun and cool until a silver haired & middle-aged singer in his electric-blue super skin-tight-latex pants (are you with me?) went up the stage, started singing and shaking his (hanging) butt off (which was quite entertaining to watch for a while), then he started approaching the audience.  yia sou indeed.

We agreed that the Paradise “beach party” was just a little bit out of our league.

So we needed a new spot which was not that difficult. Another round down southern coast, before we knew it we found ourselves a new, cool Ftelia beach to hang out that day then the nEXt day (the day after and the day after).

mountain goats on way to Fokos beach

It would be a crime not talking about food.

When it comes to Greek cuisine, no doubt we had a lots of meze, olives, fish, kalamari and gyros (especially one with the grilled pork) – pentanostimo!! (delicious). Those great meals couldn’t be complete without a can (or two) of Mythos. And for those who are a vino-lover like I am, Greek house-wine is absolutely great and surprisingly wallet-friendly.

Now – sweet. You should, at least once, try baklava, a classic Greek pastry  made with flaky phyllo dough layered with a cinnamon-spiced nut filling, and bathed in sweet syrup…hmmm…ok, I think I am going to have to change the subject now.

typical tavérna

Mykonos port

taken from Acropolis, Athens

(three photos uploading later)

No. It doesn’t work. I think I am going to have to eat.

until nEXt.

©2012 TH

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