it’s about a journey not (so much) about destination

Does it have to always be about destination? why can’t it be about a journey?

If you live in Geneva it is surely very tempting to drive to Burgundy for good food and good wine over a long weekend. And there is something about a ride to Burgundy and I am not talking about the N5 through Poligny, Beaune and head off to Meursault en route des grands crus where loads of absolute sensational vino are from.

I am talking about a back road from Geneva through villages and vineyards on the way to Poligny, Beaune to my destination at hotel Les Charmes in Meursault.

It was like driving through Burgundy section of a great wine list, to name a few (all?) – Gevrey Chambertin, Vougeot, Vosne Romanée, Nuits St. Georges, Aloxe Corton, Pommard, Volnay, Meursault and Chassagne Montrachet – all checked – some of which we tasted, loved and wanted more!

After a long wonderful ride through vineyard after vineyard we booked ourselves a dinner at Auberge des Vignes in Volnay which was lovely but (if you are a hard one on food like we are) the coq au vin was pretty disappointing.

If you fancy a vineyard picnic, check out a spot between Nuits-Saint-Georges and Gevrey Chambertin. You can conveniently pick up some fresh pâtisseries, les pêche, les olives et une bouteille de vin de Chassagne Montrachet from marché  Meursault on the way to your picnic.

Once there, one should not finish the day without visiting Vosne Romanee, a home to one of the most famous wines in France. The village of Vosne Romanée where Romanée Conti comes from is one the smallest wine villages in Burgundy. Also, have a glimpse of the Château du Clos de Vougeot the largest single vineyard in Côte de Nuits.

Every now and then try putting the destination aside, opting for something unordinary, taking your time to enjoy what comes along the way – don’t be afraid of getting lost, there will always be the next exit.

Have a map and your tunes ready – from Hey Ma (Cam’Ron), Taper Jean Girl (Kings of Leon) to Tempted (Squeeze) – sing along, enjoy the ride and have fun!

until nEXt.

©2012 TH

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